Cultural Assessment

How well are you, as a missionary or humanitarian worker, adjusting to your host culture?
Have you come through culture shock successfully, or are you getting stuck in attitudes that will be counterproductive to your purposes for being in this foreign country?
Would you like to know these things about yourself, your spouse, your children, or your teammates?
Enter the CernySmith Assessment (CSA).
The CSA was developed by Dr. Leonard J. Cerny II and Dr. David S. Smith in 2001 through their research and testing. Since 2005 CernySmith has delivered the highly personalized CSA online assessment in over 130 countries. Used worldwide by hundreds of coaches and international organizations, the CSA is the leading intercultural instrument for expatriates and students living abroad.
Several of our Life Impact Staff (two are listed below) are qualified to administer this assessment and then interpret the results with you. Further, they can coach you into new ways of overcoming cultural barriers that could send you home prematurely and help you discover other coping mechanisms to increase your effectiveness abroad.
Video Info on the CSAssessment:

If interested please contact any of our CSA certified Life Impact Staff members below:
1) Celeste Allen, host of the Oaks Oasis, Italy,
2) Tim and Ericka Harris, hosts of the Costa Rica Oasis

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