North Carolina

Mark and Pam Taft

Bethesda House Oasis


We come alongside Christian leaders to enrich their marriages and ministries for the sake of God's Kingdom.

The Uniqueness of Marriage Coaching

Marriage Coaching encompasses a unique approach to strengthening and healing marriages. A trusted coach engages motivated couples in areas of growth and change that they want to address. Coaching focuses on facilitating couples to have life-giving conversations while teaching skills that they can continue to use outside of class or coaching sessions. It is an effective approach because it empowers and equips couples, keeping them responsible to accomplish the goals they set. Coaching differs from counseling or therapy, which address specific psychological issues, seeking to apply various therapeutic modalities.

We have a toolbox of resources to assist couples in transforming their marriages. Skills such as listening well, speaking clearly, conflict resolution, confiding and understanding our mate do not come naturally, but can be learned and strengthened. With our training and experience, we are able to adapt to individual needs and design coaching meetings around each couple’s unique situation and needs.

About Our Ministry

Whether you desire to strengthen and sustain a healthy marriage and ministry, or you are facing pain and challenges, we would love to come alongside of you. In John chapter 5, we read that Jesus visited the beautiful Pool of Bethesda, surrounded with broken and hurting people. When an angel of the Lord touched the waters, the first person to enter in received healing. There are many ministry leaders today who wait, metaphorically speaking, for healing of broken and wounded lives. Others need refreshment, grace and wisdom for the next season of life and ministry. We invite you to break away from your day-to-day responsibilities to deeply experience God and the Hebrew meaning of Bethesda – House of Grace.


Bethesda House | Charlotte, NC

  • Kayaking
  • Hiking trails
  • Fishing
  • Bonfire
  • Hammock and benches
  • Prayer chapel
  • Boating by appointment
  • Grounds offer many private, beautiful spaces for personal reflection or spending time with another
  • 4 guest bedrooms with private baths and an additional meeting/living space with a small kitchen
  • Area gardens and parks
  • Billy Graham Library
  • Carowinds Amusement Park
  • Charlotte City Center with Theater, Discovery Center, Nascar Hall of Fame, and Museums
  • National White Water Rafting Center

For a couple:
$150 per night

For an individual:
$ 90 per night

About Your Hosts—Mark and Pam Taft

-Married in 1985
-2 adult sons, and a daughter-in-law
-In ministry over 30 years
-personally experienced the isolation, challenges, and pain often experienced in Christian leadership
-continue to invest and do the hard work to enjoy a strong and healthy marriage
-passionate about discipling, encouraging and empowering church leaders

As a certified life and marriage coach, I (Mark) have coached several hundred ministry leaders with a unique style that puts them at ease while bringing safety, discernment and wisdom to difficult situations. I believe in a leader's capacity to grow strong marriages, families, and communities, and to make significant changes to sustain fruitful ministry over a lifetime.

I (Pam) am passionate about shepherding people in their relationships with God, themselves and others. As a sensitive and skilled marriage coach, I am an encourager and a good listener. Wives in ministry find me to be a "safe friend". Additionally, I enjoy facilitating small groups and teaching people how to practically live out God's Word.

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