Franz & Kristie Martens

The Fully Equipped Oasis

A Place for Physical Rest & Spiritual Renewal

The Fully Equipped Oasis (FEO) provides a safe space for missionaries, pastors and Christian aid workers to share their burdens—without fear of judgement or consequence—as a part of a restorative program designed to alleviate the pressures associated with a life dedicated to ministry.

Why Rest?

The Oasis ministry is centered around rest. It's one thing to find rest of body and mind, but it's another thing altogether to find rest of soul. The scripture teaches us that the essence of the Christian walk is to find rest in Christ.

The sabbath rest found all through the old testament is restated in the new testament as resting from our efforts to live life pleasing to God. Christ invites us to enter into his rest where he carries our burdens and exchanges them for His peace.


Berlin, Germany

About Your Hosts—Franz & Kristie

Franz and Kristie each decided ministry was a requirement in a prospective spouse . With a commitment to serve and minister to others still at the center of their relationship, they have been blessed to raise a family that works together as a team—complementing each other's strengths and weaknesses—for the good of the kingdom!

In establishing the Fully Equipped Oasis, their youngest son, Matthew, will be the only child still living in the home. So, while the team may be a little smaller than it was on the missional field, the family-ministry dynamic will be just as powerful for those families seeking rest and renewal!

Mennonite farm boy gone global! Franz met Jesus when he was 17. Fascinated by missionaries visiting his home church, he went on a short-term mission trip as soon as possible.

With a BA in Multicultural Ministry, his passion for missions has given opportunity to serve all over the globe. Passion for Global Workers came through being one for so long. His hobbies are cooking, working out and learning about the world.

Born into a Missionary family, Kristie met Jesus at a very early age. With so much exposure to the need for missionaries, she chose early in life to follow Christ into missions.

Having earned a B.A. in Multicultural Ministry, she understands clearly what goes into fulfilling the Great Commission. With a gift for hospitality, anyone who is fortunate enough to know her has experienced a special blessing.

When she is not hanging out with Franz and Matt her hobbies are helping Ladies with skincare and makeup, sitting on the beach and camping.


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