Costa Rica

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Oasis Los Pastos

What we offer

Situated high upon the side of the Volcano Poas, the Costa Rica Oasis is located just above the town of Grecia. On a clear and sunny day we have a spectacular view of almost the entire Central Valley. We are blessed to see God’s creation in the gorgeous mountainside, colorful flowers, green trees, singing birds, fluttering butterflies and hovering hummingbirds.

Strengthening You

As you see from our pictures, we provide a separate “casita” for your stay. Our quiet, large garden area provides rest and relaxation as you sleep, read, pray, mediate, and write, overlooking a beautiful panorama of forest and mountains. We are available during your stay to listen, pray and coach you through areas of your life. Life Impact operates under a confidentiality agreement with our guests, so what is shared at the Oasis, stays at the Oasis.
Here are some other ways we may strengthen you during your stay at the Oasis, based on the location, who we are, our past experience:

Solitude/Self-guided Retreats (Matthew 11:28-29)

• Quiet time to experience the presence of God
• Sabbath rest for the renewal and refreshment of your marriage and ministry
• Opportunity to be inspired by God in your personal walk, ministry, calling, etc.

R&R Retreats (Psalm 91:1)

• Time to relax and unwind in a quiet environment
• Refreshment from hikes in the area
• Certified CSAI Coaching– Empowering People to Adjust and Excel Abroad
• How am I adapting to this culture and my ministry?
• Assess personal, social and intercultural competencies and stressors
• Assessment and 1 hour coaching: $79

Revitalize Your Marriage (Psalm 139:33,34)

• Uninterrupted time with your spouse
• FamilyLife’s, The Art of Marriage, can enrich your time together. Minimum 2 night stay. $35 includes video sessions and worksheets.
• Developing Leadership Skills
• With his 5+ years of management experience, Tim will coach you to help refine your leadership and team building skills.

Ministry Debriefing

• Crucial for a healthy re-entry, this retreat is designed for those who have fully engaged with another culture for at least 1 year.
• We provide a safe and confidential space and opportunity to reflect on your personal missions experience and gain perspective for your future.
• This is a 5 day / 4 night retreat with an additional cost of $90 for daily content processing sessions and materials.


Your Costa Rica Oasis Retreat

We want to provide you a unique place for rest and renewal. Our hope is that by providing an OASIS in the midst of God’s beauty and creation, you will draw closer to Him and gain a fresh call and vision for your ministry. At the Costa Rica Oasis, we have several ways we can serve you. You may refer to the “Strengthening You” section for retreat options. Which option will best meet your needs?

The Casita / Guest Quarters

The private casita is a 2 bedroom, one bath house nestled in the lush grounds. The master bedroom offers a queen sized bed and has direct access to a private patio overlooking the garden. The second bedroom is furnished with a full sized bed and a twin size bunk bed. There is a spacious bathroom with hot water shower. Linens and towels are provided. The kitchen and comfortable living room also gives treetop views and exits to the private outdoor patio.


Grecia, Costa Rica


A visit to Los Pastos Oasis is not intended to be a vacation; it is a restful setting where you, your spouse and/or your family can be refreshed, restored and renewed through time alone, time with God and interaction with each other. On or near the Oasis property are outdoor areas for walking, hiking, and peacefully experiencing God through nature. If there are other activities to help you do so, please enjoy. There is a tour book available to you in the Oasis bookshelf and ideas on the pages to follow. You may also check out Lonely Planet for local activities.Typically, Sunday is our family’s day of rest. We’ll attend church in the morning and intentionally rest in the Lord.


It’s okay to sleep in. Breakfast is at your leisure. We will provide the items needed for breakfast. You can make and enjoy breakfast when you’re ready. The kitchen is stocked with refrigerator with freezer, stove, microwave, toaster/toaster oven, coffee maker, rice cooker, electric skillet and dishware and utensils. Slip out to the covered patio to enjoy the garden as you sip your coffee. Guests are asked to bring their favorite lunch and snacks for their stay. If you are arriving by bus, the Grecia central market provides an array of foods as well as little “soda” cafes where you may purchase prepared foods to enjoy. A handful of restaurants offer delivery services and the grocery store “Pali” is available as you make your way through Grecia. A homemade hot dinner will be provided and shared with our family and served in the Oasis Dining Room. Please advise of any food allergies.

Computer Access

We prefer you to “unplug” from the distractions of this world. Turn off your cell phone & laptop computers so you can “plug” into our ultimate Source of power, strength & renewal… God. If necessary, wireless high-speed internet is available upon request, should you have your own laptop. Unfortunately, we cannot offer computer access to guests from our Oasis computer.


The country setting allows one to unwind—surrounded by beautiful serene gardens. The cottage is nestled in a neighborhood of one-acre plots. Enjoy morning coffee on the private deck overlooking the flowers.


If you have any questions please use the contact button below. We’d love to answer any of your questions before you make a booking request.When you submit a booking request, please indicate specific dates. We’ll send confirmation if those dates are available, or an alternative time if they are not. We book on a first come, first serve basis.


We operate by donations for your time at the Oasis. A suggested donation of $50/night per individual, $60/night for a couple and $70/night for a family. If this is a hardship, please discuss this with us. Several scholarships are available. We want you to come, enjoy The Oasis and for cost not to be a hindrance.

Guests Say

“Tim and Ericka came into our lives via a ‘chance’ meeting with our regional director. He referred us to them for coaching via skype since we lived in Ecuador at the time. What a blessing! God used them via their appropriate questions, listening ears, and attentive spirits to help us process a lot of things. They also represented us to our mission when we didn’t have the emotional where-with-all to represent ourselves. Having someone safe, ‘outside of our sphere of work/mission,’ take a look into our lives helped us gain much clarity to our situation. They stayed in touch, even after we didn’t have regular coaching sessions….that meant so much. Thanks is not a big enough word for your help to us, Tim and Ericka!”
~ missionaries serving 20+ years in Ecuador

“At times we feel we live in such a spiritually dark place. We know the only way hearts can change from hopelessness, apathy and despair to the love and freedom found in Christ is by the awesome power of God’s Spirit. So, we were really looking forward to this special week of concentrated prayer. They served us well by asking about our lives and listening with open hearts. They blessed us through their own transparency, honesty and willingness to share their own stories. Through their commitment to serve, God gave us a sweet surprise. We especially thank our Lord for the big dose of refreshment and we look forward to how we may partner again in the future to the glory of His Kingdom.”
~ 2nd term church planter“

They proved to be a real encouragement, boost and support to us and the work. They were very refreshing, and we really enjoyed the fellowship we shared together.”
~ Team leader, serving 10+ years

“We enjoyed the prayer time with Tim and Ericka. We felt like they had “special insights” in our hearts and minds and interceded effectively.”
~ missionary couple to Eastern Europe