Brookings, Oregon

Barry and Maritza Hamann

Laurel House

What We Offer

Barry and Maritza have spent many years serving overseas and have a particular affinity with international workers. They help refresh, restore, and help these workers redeem any wounding or brokenness in their lives to enable them to return to the field, or to their next chapter, living out God’s redemptive work in the world. They support international workers so they may be resilient and successful in living out God’s calling in their lives. Barry is a family practice doctor, so they have training to help workers move towards healthier lifestyles and choices. Maritza is a chaplain and pastoral caregiver, so they also support workers spiritually and offer listening prayer and encouragement from scripture. She is also a trained life coach. They provide healthy meals and opportunities to be active (bikes, hikes, kayaks), as well as quietness and opportunities for contemplation (no wifi or tv at the beach house and much natural beauty at both houses).


Brookings, Oregon.


Currently, Laurel House Oasis operates part time, with stays of 2-4 nights. The ideal stay is Thursday- Sunday, and we give priority to global workers. Please use the booking link below for inquiries.


Includes lodging and all meals, a suggested donation of $75 per couple/per night, and $50 for an individual per night. If cost is an impediment, please let us know. We want you to come and be refreshed.