What Is An Oasis?

Hosted places of rest

What is a ‘Life Impact Oasis’?

Life Impact offers hosted places of rest, retreat and renewal (called an Oasis) for International Workers and Christian leaders. Our guests have the option of utilizing coaching services when they visit an Oasis.

Each Oasis is hosted by a qualified couple or single and takes on the “flavor” of that Host’s gifts, calling, and experiences. Check out the specific Oasis you that may interest you to determine if that location and host will be able to meet your needs.  A few of our Oases are not designed for children.  Please feel free to ask about specific accommodations that you may require.

Our locations designed for rest and personal retreat. Most of our hosts are qualified in coaching and can help you process crucial issues you are facing. Sometimes gaining a different perspective on an issue allows one to move forward in a new way with more hope and vigor. (see coaching under ‘services’)

In addition to coaching, our hosts have various skills and experiences they can utilize to help you move forward in your life.  These additional areas of help are found on this website under the specific Oasis for that host.  They may include but are not limited to debriefing and cultural stress analysis.

Who do we serve?

Our Oases are open to Humanitarian Aid workers, Missionaries, Pastors, and other Christian leaders who need a personal retreat to gain physical, spiritual, and emotional strength while processing unresolved or crucial issues.

Although some of our staff are trained counselors, Life Impact is not a “counseling” organization. We provide coaching, spiritual direction, pastoral care, Biblical-pastoral guidance, mentoring, and encouragement. If we discern that professional counseling would benefit you, we will recommend that course of action.

Oasis Booking Request

Life Impact exists to provide rest and renewal for Christian workers in ministry. We are committed to help you meet those needs. Unfortunately, we do not provide pass through stays for travel. Other venues can meet that need. We look forward to hosting you.

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